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Home based consultation includes guidance with setting up an at home ABA team. This typically includes initial and ongoing assessments of your child's needs, support in hiring and training behaviour interventionists, meeting for regular team meetings to review your child's progress and update goals as needed.

Home consultation is best when provided in conjunction with school consultation and parent coaching sessions to promote generalization and maintenance of skills. 

Home programs are individualized on the family and client's needs and vary in the number of hours provided each week.

Home consultation can be offered via Zoom or in person. 

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School consultation includes collaborating with the school team based on your child's needs and the desired level of involvement. This can include attending IEP meetings, providing resources, programming, written reports with support recommendations, trainings and or workshops to best support your child in their school environment.

School consultation is also beneficial for determining which goal areas can be further supported at home.

School consultation is only offered in person at this time. 


Parent coaching is individualized and focuses on supporting goals that best suit your family's lifestyle. Coaching can include working on generalizing the goals from the home program,  specific goals related to increasing your child's independence or quality of life, or even on an as needed basis when concerns arise.

This type of services is family centred, collaborative, and individualized to provide recommendations that best support your child in their home environment without adding excessive stress or burden onto the family. 

Goal areas can include a variety of areas such as behaviour, mealtimes, dressing, toileting, social, academic, and more.

Parent coaching can be offered via Zoom or in person. 

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Depending on the individual's needs, goals, and preference one on one sessions with the BCBA may be a good fit. This option can be discussed at the initial meeting or any point while providing services.

Session can be offered via Zoom or in person.


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